Many domestic-friendly digital locks have hit the market recently, but one of the first ones to be launched was Kwikset’s Kevo Smart Lock.

The locking mechanism of this lock is operated through electrical pulses instead of the physical turning of a key. At the heart of the Kevo is a deadbolt lock, which is considered more secure than a spring lock, since it does not enable pushing back the latch and may only be opened through the rotation of the lock cylinder itself. The lock also provides the security advantage of eliminating the risk of key duplication by eliminating the need for a key. It offers homeowners the convenience of key-less entry and unlocks simply by touching the lock, which will respond as long as your smartphone is around. There is also a key fob option, for anyone who is not in possession of a smartphone – a key fob which also conveniently allows you to touch to open. The Kevo boasts another powerful feature which enables you to send e-keys to friends and family which may be deactivated at any time. And of course, as you must have guessed by now, it enables you to unlock your door remotely, from anywhere in the world with internet.


In terms of physical security, the deadbolt is considered to be a step up from normal cylinder locks. However, just like any deadbolt, the lock is not resistant to forced entry techniques such as picking, unlocking form the inside (i.e. through a window) and jimmying. Key-less entry eliminates the risk of key duplication.

Do you need to worry about burglars hacking into the app? Maybe, but it is more likely that they will use traditional burglary techniques rather than technological expertise.


The Kevo looks like a normal but sleek deadbolt lock. It comes to life with a touch, using LED lights to indicate locking and unlocking.


Above all, we must acknowledge the cool convenience of tapping your lock to enter your house. The Bluetooth recognition technology gives the Kevo an edge over competitors such as the Yale Real Living Smart Lock.


Check for compatibilty, as Kevo will only interact with 4.0 bluetooth equipped devices.

Price: around 180 dollars