Our Service Pledge encompasses a list of principles to which all of our employees are required to adhere. This Service Pledge serves us to supervise the work carried out by our locksmiths. We don’t employ professionals who do not meet our standards.

 Our locksmiths pledge:

  • To indicate a reasonable estimated time of arrival at the client’s house, and stick to it.
  • To charge service call fees only according to prior agreement on this subject.
  • To commit to reasonable prices, and to allow appropriate payment methods, in accordance with accepted industry practice.
  • To keep promises regarding the price that was agreed upon, and to allow the customer the time and space to think through any additional costs.
  • To explain clearly prior to start of work and during the working process about the work that is being done and what it entails.
  • To perform the work according to the highest industry standards, in full from beginning to end, professionally and without cutting corners. To provide a warranty for the work done, valid for a reasonable period of time.
  • To use the most appropriate materials and products, and to inform the customer regarding their nature (their origin, whether they are new or second hand and etc.).
  • Not to take advantage of the customer’s lack of knowledge in the field.
  • To keep the work environment clean, tidy and safe to the best of their ability, for the duration of work and following it.
  • To conduct in a positive, respectful and polite manner, with a smile.